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I help people and companies be better – more effective, efficient and profitable.

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New Goals. New Personal Brand.

I've reached a new point in life where it is time to answer the call to lead, mentor, and work for the people. I've set some goals involving running for public office, leading companies and being a voice and advisor for others.

With that comes a need to recreate my personal brand. For the last 20 years, I have focused on building the brand of Technical Guru Kevin, which evolved into SharePoint Kevin beginning in 2007. While this has been very successful at allowing me to rise to the top of my field, it was also ultimately limiting. I could demand top-dollar for my services, but that also meant the number of companies who could afford my services dwindled. Additionally, it did not really allow for advancement into managerial or executive level positions. It was time for a change.

From an animated film (Robots by Pixar), a quote kept coming to mind, "See a need; fill a need."

Last July, I created EGenius Group, LLC to provide a wide variety of IT solutions to small businesses and non-profit organizations. One of our primary focuses at EGenius was to provide web and social media marketing opportunities to Kansas Freemasonry. This is going as well as expected and continues to grow.

This year, after many months of consulting family, friends, and associates, I saw another need that needed filled. It was readily apparent from current events that many in our society feel dissatisfied with our elected officials and disenfranchised from the political process.

I am currently in the beginning stages of launching a campaign to run for office. This means I am doing research, assembling a team, and focusing on all the preparatory work required. While the exact p

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